Part I: Skin Care Routine – Cleansing


Soooo – thought I’d share what my skin care routine is like these days. It’s still pretty intensive although I don’t spend nearly as much time it. I’ve avoided baths at all costs and have invested in a declorinating shower head to soften the water. It’s waaay more gentle on the skin compared to hard tap water. I’ve taken only a dozen baths since May and it feels great. I still have unsettled feelings about the bathtub. The smell of the bathroom alone can be sometimes provoking. I’ll begin…


Dr Bronner’s Magical Castille Soap

I wash my skin with Dr. Bronner’s Magical Castille Liquid Soap in Peppermint. Sketch name, but I love the ingredient list – natural, no harsh soaps, no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or its variants). It gives me a tingly sensation afterwards, which helps with itching. My poor sister dumped a generous heap of this stuff in her bath – not realizing just how pepperminty this is – and went to bed shivering cold. So make sure you heat up your shower right before to avoid getting pepperminty chills. This cost me approximately $10 CDN for a large bottle. 


A-D-E Creamy Cleanser by Earth Science

To wash my face, I use the A-D-E Creamy Cleanser by Earth Science ($10 for 240ml) in combination with Castor Oil by Now ($9 for 437ml). It contains a whole shlew of natural and nurturing ingredients like sunflower, jojoba, apricot and avocado oil, aloe leaf juice, grapefruit extract, ascorbic acid, etc. It has an average rating of 3.9/5 on where 70% of 96 reviewers would buy again. Amazon reviewers give it a 4.5 out of 5 Pretty darn good review in my book. Here is a nice review of it by Islaborg if you’re interested in knowing more. I bought this at random while at my local health food store and have bought a few since then. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is a more economical alternative. I used this pre-TSW and liked it alot. 


A glob of Castor Oil + my cleanser works well

In combination with the above face cleanser, I use a glob of Castor Oil with a pump of the cleanser. Mix it up in my palms and massage all over my face. I like this combination because it’s moisturizing and gentle, and better than just a cream cleanser on its own. My skin is still very dry and feels tight if I don’t use this. It’s not necessary to use these exact brands; this is just what I use. Trying a cleanser that’s simple, non-fragrance or unscented and gentle will work. Castor Oil is offered by many difference brands, though buying in bulk in much cheaper. I’m going to start experimenting with different oils soon once I’m done my big bottle, so feel free to do the same if you have something laying around the house. Apricot, grapeseed, avocado oil… Whatever might float your boat. 

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  1. Glad you found products that work well for you. I find cleansing is the hardest part to get right during tsw as everything seems to strip the skin and it is so sensitive. I find that eye makeup removers work well as skin cleansers for me as they are designed to work on really sensitive areas.Cetaphil is also fantastic.

  2. You might consider not using moisturizers if you really want to heal without a super long drawn out healing time. Plenty of evidence is available that shows moisturizing inhibits the skin from healing. Yes, the vets on itsan healed in time by moisturizing, but they likely would have healed much sooner without the use of moisturizers. The evidence on the benefits of MW during tsw is everywhere. Talk to anyone that has done it and you get the same story. Even if one questions the validity of what the doctors in Japan say about this, at a minimum MW alleviates most of the symptoms of tsw tremendously. When I look at pictures on the various blogs I am shocked at how the skin looks many months and sometimes over a year at tsw. It is very apparent to me from these pics, my own experience, research available on the subject, that continuous use of moisturizers inhibits healing. here is a link to a long post I put together on the subject. It is very long but very informative.

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