A different kind of healing


It’s been years since I went through TSW. I healed, surprisingly because I wasn’t sure how and when. But it happened. Slowly. My skin reflected healing on the inside — my worn out adrenals rebounding from its reliance on strong corticosteroids. But I could finally wear short sleeves and summer dresses because I was comfortable in my own skin again. I started working a bit, got promoted, and worked for a year. That time was healing for me. The people I met and healing I saw was encouraging. Until one day, I no longer noticed dry creased elephant skin. It was bright and vibrant again.

That was three years ago. And for different reasons, my skin has taken a turn for the worse. Unrelated to corticosteroids. I’ve always been a intensely sensitive person. Emotionally, my skin started flaring up again. First, in small amounts and now mostly on the upper part of my body. Two and a half years have passed. I’ve seen my skin do some weird things. And like everyone else who experiences moderate to severe eczema, it has been emotionally debilitating. But I’m writing again because the first time in a long time, I’ve seen a glimpse of improvement. It felt like 4 steps forward. And although I’ve taken 2 steps back tonight, seeing quick healing gives me hope and tells me that I know what I have to do. I haven’t written here in a long time despite my continual journey. But here I am, wanting to share my healing story. Because I know it’s going to happen ❤

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