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Bath Time & Regulating Body Temperature


I’m really starting to get why fellow Red-Skinners love their bath time. I personally hated it because it’s when I feel the most lonely and nutty. All of my skin is exposed for me to see. As someone who avoids her reflection, bathing is a dispiriting task. Tonight, however, I have intentions to replace my bed with the bathtub. I’ve spent a short 11 hours sleeping during the last two days as a result of issues with regulating my body temperature. My arms and the “thick” parts of my body (trunk, lower back, upper thighs, bum) sweat and overheat, making my skin irritated and flared. This heat contrasts with the rest of my body, like my feet, legs and inner core. Confusing! This overheating is causing itching sensations throughout the night, leaving me very restless.


An earthy woody bathroom I wouldn’t mind bathing in!

The overheating occurs where my skin meets the mattress, as that skin loses its ability to ventilate and sweats/heats as a result. I’ve tried several things to resolve this current issue: 1) Using a light flat sheet  2) Keeping the room temperature moderate (not too high or too low)  3) Running an electrical fan to get more air flow into the room  4) Apply baby powder on the problem areas to absorb sweat and comfort skin.

Unfortunately, these efforts have not been successful. So the only other bright idea I have is to sleep in a tub full of water, as to not have my skin sweat. I’ve slept in the bath before but only 2-3 hours at a time. A full 7-8 hours is worrying. I’m not sure how that would effect my skin afterwards. I usually throw in 1/2 cup of Epsom salt with a dash of Tea Tree oil and Grapeseed oil. How will the salts affect me?

I read somewhere on the ITSAN forums that Dr. Marvin Rapaport encourages salt baths for healing. Does anyone have experiences with salt baths this lengthy? I realize that I won’t be receiving comments by tonight, but they are welcome and I will consider what you have to say. I just need a quick fix. I’m way too bloody tired to be overly cautious today. Boyfriend grabbed me a bath pillow on his way back from work, so I will be using that to tonight keep me comfy. He’s great 🙂


A hazy bath. (Jill Battaglia)

Overall Skin Update: Incessant itch all night as discussed above. Face is showing slow improvement, though I can finally full-out smile without feeling like I’m stretching my skin; still lots to go however.

Declawed myself by filing my nails down to avoid unnecessary damage. Frustrating when I’m trying to scratch because I can’t relieve myself, but glad I done it.

The impetigo/perioral dermatitis around my mouth has improved a lot through the use of natural methods (apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil) rather than the number of antibiotics I’ve been prescribed for the 8 months. Possible upcoming blog entry on the perioral issues.

Thank you for reading and comment on your current bath routine.




Edit: Trying to fall asleep in the bathtub was unsuccessful. The bath pillow just didn’t cut it for me. Also, I read a comment by eczemancipated on the ITSAN forums that mentioned the importance of rinsing off after using Epsom salts as it effects body temperature. Since then, I’ve made sure to rinse off well and whaddyaknowit, it made all the difference! My back, groin, etc. no longer sweat or heat up as much as it was. Sleep is better as a result, although still not where I need it to be. REMEMBER TO RINSE OFF AFTER EPSOM SALTS, PEOPLE! (02/27/2013)