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Update on 2nd Flare


Hey guys,

Just wanted to do an update on my second flare since I’ve started to see positive change since my last post.

Itchiness. Things seem to be calming down the last week. Way less itching during the day. I only notice it when I’m in the shower for some reason. Nighttime I’ve been more disciplined about not reacting to small itchies. I’ve taken 1/4 of an antihistimine to keep calm for the last few days and it works for me.

A week ago, I would continue to wake up at night to scratch and keep K up at night. I haven’t really gone at it (scratching like crazy) for a few nights now and I can already see some improvement in my skin… knock on wood!

Skin texture. The texture and softness of my face has drastically improved since using Calendula cream and safflower oil. Two weeks ago, my skin had many small bumpy break-outs, which are presumably from using oils (Emu, apricot, grape seed…). Those are almost all gone. Also, the flakey, dry skin is gone and is somehow smooth and soft. This plus using a humidifier I believe has made this noticeable difference in my skin.

What’s left under the dry flakey skin is sporadic dark red pigmentation spots where I had problem areas during the thick of my TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal).

Photo on 2013-11-15 at 13.43

Photo on 2013-11-15 at 13.40 #2 Photo on 2013-11-15 at 13.46 #7

Perioral “Eczema.” You can see on my cheek/jew area that there’s darkened areas, but overall much improved skin. I’m glad that my perioral “eczema” is practically non-existent. The raised, bumpy skin I once had around my mouth has gone down and hasn’t oozed in a couple weeks. Horray! This is incredible news considering last year these spots were oozing non-stop and was misdiagnosed with impetigo, which was consequently treated with various mild to strong antibiotics for the course of 10 months by 3 doctors (one being a dermatologist, who wanted to send me to a Infectious Disease Specialist).

Photo on 2013-11-15 at 13.46

Calendula Cream & Safflower Oil There’s my quick update. I recommend looking into Safflower oil and Calendula cream. I feel very strongly about both recs. I ordered the cream from The Eczema Company and got the larger jar for $46, which seems like a deal if compared to the small tubes available at health food stores. I’ve only used it on my face, neck, wrists and problem spots on my body to stay frugal. Otherwise I’d bathe in this stuff. I hate to call it a miracle cream, but the drastic change it’s made seems too good to be true. Safflower oil was recommended by a friend. It’s inexpensive. I got a 500ml bottle for $7 at the grocery store. Get organic if you can. It honestly doesn’t sound special, but this stuff is the sh*t. My skin hasn’t felt like this in foreverrr.

EczemHerbal Ointment. Oh, also. I started using EczemHerbal Ointment (#2) by Zi Zai Dermatology (from The Eczema Company) the same time I started with Calendula cream. The shipping is more affordable through their website versus ordering directly. It’s difficult to say if the ointment alone has helped as I’ve used it in conjunction with the Calendula cream, though I will stop the EczemHerbal for a few days to tell you if I see a regression without it… just out of my earnest curiousity.